Coming from a large family, much of my mom’s adult life has been spent attending and co-hosting bridal showers, baby showers and potluck events. I remember helping mom prepare her classic deviled eggs for numerous family gatherings. My job was to add the sprinkle of Paprika to the top of the eggs.

Easter deviled egg platter of classic deviled eggs sprinkled with paprika

If god had intended us to follow recipes, He wouldn’t have given us grandmothers.
― Linda Henley

Mom’s deviled egg recipe was hard to get out of her because it’s one of those recipes she doesn’t have written down. But, it’s also one of those recipes that just doesn’t taste right unless you make it like “Mom’s”. So, I worked with her to get the recipe documented for future generations.

Just use a little of this and a little of that. – Mom


This recipe is slightly different from my Mom’s, because I used the help of my Instant Pot to hard boil my eggs first. If you own an instant pot, I don’t know why you wouldn’t use it to hard boil your eggs… click here to read the instructions on hard boiling your eggs in an instant pot. My mom uses a pot of water on the stove, some people might use their egg cooker – I think it’s safe to say there is more than one way to hard boil an egg.

eggs mayo mustard dill paprika and other simple deviled eggs ingredients needed for an easy recipe


6 Hard boiled eggs

2-3 tablespoons of Miracle whip    

½ – ¾ teaspoon prepared Mustard (to taste)

1-2 teaspoons bread and butter pickle juice – or sweet pickle juice

Pinch of salt

Pinch of ground black pepper


hard boiled eggs cut lengthwise showing yolks ready for step by step recipe instructions on making deviled eggs with paprika



  1. Cut eggs in half lengthwise
  2. Carefully Remove all egg yolks and leave egg whites face up on a plate or platter
  3. In a separate boil use a fork to crumble and mash the egg yolks until it is a sand-like consistency
bowl and fork used to crumble the yellow egg yolk of hardboiled eggs prior to adding the ingredients for deviled eggs
  1. Stir in the Miracle whip, mustard and pickle juice until it is smooth. When adding the liquid of the pickle juice – only add a little at a time so the filling doesn’t get too runny. Add more pickle juice if you think the filling is too thick.
  2. Salt & pepper to taste.

Mom Notes: Taste test the filling at this point to see if you need to make any adjustments.


  1. You have two options for filling the egg white half’s…. A. Use a tablespoon and place a dollop of the filling in each half. OR B. Use a zip lock to pipe the filling into the egg whites.

I prefer piping the filling in with a zip lock baggie because I have more control over the amount of filling for each egg; plus makes a fancier presentation.

Mom Notes: Some recipes say you can crumble and mix all your ingredients right in the sandwich bag to save some dishes… but Mom doesn’t like that method because it’s harder to get the yolk crumbled well and you might end up with a lumpy filling or large chunks of yolk in your deviled egg filling.

  1. To easily fill your zip lock sandwich bag with filling use a glass as a holder for the bag.
fancy way to fill your deviled eggs by piping the filling in with a zip lock baggie
  1. Scoop all of the filing in to the base of the zip lock bag squeezing out excess air before sealing.
Filling for classic deviled eggs inside a baggie ready to squeeze into the hardboiled white egg yolks
  1. Cut off the corner tip of the baggie and squeeze filling out evenly into the white egg cups.
  2. Sprinkle the tops of the filled eggs with paprika. Other optional toppings are chives, dill, or parsley
white plate with classic deviled eggs recipe for simple party appetizer or relish tray Refrigerate 1 or more hours before serving
Step by step recipe instructions Pinterest Pin for how to make deviled eggs sprinkled with paprika.



Keep Refrigerated and consume within 3-4 days


If you do not think there will be any leftovers from the event you plan to serve deviled eggs you can make them up to 3 days before but for best results 1 day ahead would taste the best and still give you a couple days for any leftovers.


Whoever came up with the original idea of a boat shaped Deviled Eggs was not thinking about the fact that we need to load these slippery babies up on a tray and travel to our in-laws without them rolling out of the tray and ending up all over the backseat of the car. Here are some great options how to transport deviled eggs.

DIY Your own Deviled Egg Carrier

This is a brilliant idea on reallifedinner.com on how to quickly create a deviled egg carrier out of materials you have laying around your kitchen or in your recycling bin. Check it out!

aluminum file and recycled egg cartons to make a diy deviled egg carrier for parties

Recycle & Reuse to transport deviled eggs: 

I found another fabulous idea on how to transport your deviled eggs using the egg carton and some household items. Hop over to the site kittycooks.com to see how it’s done.

: recycled household products like egg cartons and plastic wrap are used in a step by step diy tutorial on how to transport deviled eggs in a carrier for travel to parties.

The King of the relish tray

If you are someone who is always assigned a side dish for the family get-togethers and a deviled egg carrier is in your budget I found the King beast of deviled egg/relish tray carriers! This is a 4 in 1 platter complete with an ice compartment lid for indoor or outdoor. It’s an 18 egg carrier and relish tray combo. Bonus! It is dishwasher safe for the top rack! This is definitely on my wishlist, check it out here:

classic deviled eggs over ice in carrier specifically designed for deviled eggs and other fresh relish tray foods on a table for an appetizer at a party or event.